About Cameron

“I will be someone you can count on as a strong voice and an advocate for East Hills. I have a proven record of activism in the community on matters of principle by standing up for your rights.”


About Cameron

Cameron Murphy lives in Padstow with his wife and two young children. He cares that our area gets its fair share of funding for schools, hospitals and TAFE.

Cameron’s work in the finance sector and the law means he will be an experienced voice for East Hills. He’s helped workers, charities and small business to fight for what they deserve.   

He’s someone who will stand up for our area in Parliament and make sure we’re heard.    

He’ll fight -

  • to stop overdevelopment in our area
  • for better parking at our train stations and our share of road funding
  • for a better deal for Bankstown Hospital, Padstow TAFE and our local schools
  • to oppose privatisation of our remaining electricity assets. The Liberals’ selling spree has seen our power bills rise by 58%